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Emmegi Dettori - Fashion is in Details - Maria Giovanna Dettori Consulente Immagine

Hi, I am Maria Giovanna Dettori, a strategic image and style consultant, owner of the brand Emmegi Dettori. I’m here to help you stand out from the crowd and reveal your uniqueness.

My job is to invite people, professionals and companies to step out of the shadows and boost their values, distinctive traits and strengths throughout a process of analysis, study, creation and image enhancement.

My story

Fashion and style have always been “my thing”. In 2020 I decided to give body and soul to my two great passions and attended the Ecole Superieure de Relooking (ESR Italia). And just like that, I became a CEPAS certified Image Consultant.

Emmegi Dettori is the natural evolution of my vocation, as well as the result of my desire to put my experience to the service of businesses and individuals. I provide the tools and skills you need to take care of yourself, express your personality, look at yourself with fresh eyes and enhance your personal, professional or corporate image.

Emmegi Dettori - image Consultant and Stylist
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